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5 markets in Rome you absolutely cannot miss


If one thing is true, it is that Rome is a city of the past. Much honestly, the first time you step foot in the city, you might wonder if you have just been brought back to the past. There are statues everywhere and detailed sculptures all around you that carry the thought: “Wow, I’m in a huge museum!”.

And that couldn’t be less true. Rome is an open-air museum indeed (link to one of the previous articles).

Rome is art, antique, history, archaeology, a city that never let its record go to waste. That is also why the Eternal City is one of the top travel destinations and has been for years.

But enough about the history and the beauty of the finely detailed flowers engraved below the roofs. Today is about one thing that we love doing when traveling to a foreign country: shopping!

Markets in Rome: Our top 5

Well yes – shopping is very much a part of tourist life, isn’t it? We love bringing back souvenirs in all kinds of “Rome”-printed sweatshirts, hip accessories, paintings of the city, and more. Anything to remind us back home that we once lived the most unforgettable moments in town.

Today is your lucky day. We have compiled a list of the top 5 markets in Rome. There is everything for you to enjoy thorough shopping days in the city from food snacks to vintage fashion!

1) Mercato di Porta Portese

The Porta Portese Market is the place to be on a Sunday morning. One could describe it as a vast, open-air vintage shop. Countless stalls lay on several streets and offer piles upon piles of vintage and second-hand clothes.

The market is located close to the Trastevere area, and it offers a relaxed, trendy vibe. People press to find the best bargains, and the flea market – open only on Sundays – offers records, books, clothes, and houseware beyond your wildest dreams. Our friendly recommendation is such: like Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement, do not expect anything from the Porta Portese Market. That’s the best way to find hidden gems.

2) Mercato di Testaccio

The Mercato di Testaccio is located in the surroundings of the Piramide and Testaccio areas. Upon entering the market, we instantly recognize the vibe of the old-school grandma market. It is filled with the finest Italian products: meat, fish, cheese meet artisanal clothes, beauty products, and accessories.

At the Mercato di Testaccio, you can sit at some of the best food stalls in the city. Food Box, for instance, offers panini filled with vegetarian and meat options. A panino with melanzane alla Parmigiana (aubergines with parmesan cheese) will surely linger in your mind. CasaManco is another excellent choice, with pizza alla pala declined in both regular and creative recipes.

3) Mercato di Campo de’ Fiori

The market of Campo de’ Fiori is open almost every day, and it is surrounded by some great cafés, restaurants, and bars. The fantastic thing about this market is that the produce is fresh and local. We strongly recommend getting freshly pressed juice from one of the food stalls there.

Why not start a Roman day with breakfast at one of the cafés, and enjoy a great moment with coffee and cornetto in hand? On a sunny day, the market looks lively, filled with fresh scents and noises from the surrounding customers. On a rainy day, Campo de’ Fiori becomes melancholic, romantic, beautiful.

4) Mercato Monti

The Mercato Monti is one of the trendiest markets in Rome. It is open on weekends only, and it offers handcrafted accessories and more vintage items than you have ever seen. From 10 am to 8 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, you can find handmade jewelry, fashion, accessories in vintage and artisanal declensions.

5) Mercato dell’Esquilino

The Mercato dell’Esquilino borders the Termini station, and it focuses on ethnic, international foods. If you are missing specific spices to create a tremendous Asian, African, or Arab dish, that is where you need to go.

The market personifies the hustle and bustle of multicultural Rome. There, noises and smell combine in the vast industrial building, open almost every day of the week.

In conclusion…

There you have it, a condensed list of the hippest and delicious markets in Rome. If you’ve never thought of shopping in Rome because the plan revolved around pizza-Colosseum-Vatican, think again. On a relaxed, stroll, you might just find your new favorites.

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