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You are probably looking for the Yellow.

We are travellers and party lovers. We are friends, artists and aspiring chefs. whose sleep is short and whose dreams are endless. We are much more. We are a family. We are the Yellow.

Eat & Party

The bar heart of the Yellow.

We are the first ones to sing our hearts out, and we only stop when our voice gives in. We love to discover music from every part of the world, and we are always the last ones to wish the barman good night.

Strolls & Activities

Touristic Tour? With us you get to know the city like a local.

We love exploring the city like real pioneers. Together, let’s open our chakras with peaceful yoga positions and learn to cook amazing recipes like Italian grandmas.

Work & Meet

Work Co-work! A space to work and create connections.

We believe that the best ideas come from the most unusual encounters, those that are so tightly linked to the world that you won’t even need a translator.

And then we sleep. Some times.

100K tacos eaten - 5000 inflated balloons - 250 beer pong matches played - 500 karaoke sing along - 10K horrible selfies - 4K band on stage - 1 ton of cooked fettuccine - 300 songs out of tune - Many other things lost - 200 shoes lost - 150K condoms used - 2 children conceived - 12K goodbye hugs - 5k hours of sleep lost - 500 yoga positions - 350K plastic straws saved - 1M of Ciao Amo’ said -

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Yellowsquare - Rome
Via Palestro, 51
00185 Rome
+39 064463554
Yellowsquare - Milan
Via S. Lattuada, 14
20135 Milan
+39 0282396603
Yellowsquare - Florence
Viale F. Redi, 19
50144 Florence
+39 0550317718
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WhatsApp number Italia +39 06 49382682