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Florence, Milan, Rome

YellowSquare’s Commitment to Women’s Safety Through the Punti Viola Initiative


YellowSquare has taken a significant step toward supporting gender-based violence prevention and women’s empowerment by participating in the Punti Viola project. This initiative, strongly advocated by the organization DonneXStrada, involves commercial establishments across Italy that serve as safe havens for women facing any difficulty, from stalking to violence.

What Are Punti Viola?
Punti Viola are special spots set up in places like YellowSquare where the staff is trained to help women who are in trouble or feel unsafe. This program is part of a bigger movement to help prevent violence against women by creating a network of these safe places all over Italian cities.

YellowSquare’s Role
By joining the Punti Viola project, YellowSquare has positioned itself as not just a place for travelers to stay, but a proactive participant in community safety and women’s rights. This integration aligns with YellowSquare’s broader mission to create inclusive and safe spaces, fostering a sense of community and support among its guests.

The Impact of Such Initiatives
The participation of businesses like YellowSquare in projects like Punti Viola is crucial. It sends a strong message about the importance of community involvement in tackling serious social issues like gender-based violence. It also provides practical, immediate support to those in need, potentially serving as a model for other businesses across Italy and beyond.

YellowSquare’s involvement with Punti Viola underscores their broader commitment to safety, inclusivity, and community engagement, making them a standout example of how the hospitality industry can play a crucial role in societal change.

For more information about the Punti Viola project and how it helps women, visit DonneXStrada’s [official website](

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