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We need to talk: Women in the Music Industry – A Dialogue at YellowSquare Milan


“We Need to Talk” was a powerful dialogue hosted by Equaly, focused on the roles of women in music, exploring the gender gap, its impact on live performances, and advocating for universal entertainment rights.

Addressing the Gender Gap
The music industry, like many others, has its challenges with gender equality. Our event brought this issue to the forefront, discussing the disparities that women face in terms of opportunities, recognition, and representation. Through candid discussions and expert panels, we delved into how these inequalities affect the experiences of women in music, from emerging artists to seasoned performers.

Advocating for Universal Entertainment Rights
A significant focus of the event was on advocating for universal entertainment rights, emphasizing the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces for performances. The discussion underscored the need for venues, event organizers, and stakeholders in the music industry to support practices that enhance diversity and ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive.

A Call to Action
The event concluded with a call to action for all participants to be proactive in their communities and workplaces. Whether it’s supporting female artists, challenging discriminatory practices, or promoting inclusive events, there’s a role for everyone to play in bridging the gender gap in the music industry.

Join the Conversation
At YellowSquare, we believe in the power of community and dialogue to instigate change. We invite you to join us at future events and be part of the movement towards a more equitable and diverse music industry. For more information about our initiatives and upcoming events, visit our website and social media and follow our collaboration with Equaly at [Equaly].

Through these conversations, we are not just talking about change; we are being the change. Join us at YellowSquare, where every voice is heard, and every story matters.

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