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Why being in a hostel when you can be in a hostel with a rum tasting?

Laura Sevilla
Laura (Sevilla)
28 April 2023

What about experiencing the subtle scents of caramel, vanilla and grapefruit of an imperial rum after enjoying a morning walk through the charming streets of Firenze? Or discovering the complexity of a 10 years-old rum with toasted coffee reminiscences?

The rum

Rum is an alcoholic spirit distilled from sugarcane juice, molasses or sugarcane honey. It’s largely produced around the tropics where the sugarcane grow efficiently at 25ºC to 35ºC temperature, as well as it finds best conditions to age. Most famous producers are found in the Caribbean like Jamaica or Dominican Republic.

The rum tasting

So, on your way back to the hostel after enjoying a creamy cappuccino, an astonishing view from Firenze’s river and an incredible visit to Uffizi Gallery, you are invited to join a rum tasting where you rediscover a drink that was once your Saturday’s favorite – Rum and Coke.

On a chill atmosphere, the rum is served on its neat version. A thick and aromatic sip of different kinds of rums aged on a variety of barrels. A chance to experience a silky palate creamy beverage, ideal to pair with a milky dessert or to go through the thoughness of a classic golden rum ideal to accompany with your next Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

All of that before joining some of the night events. Standup comedy or a wild karaoke along guests from all over the world? YellowSquare Florence provides and you decide.

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