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5 Instagram-worthy places in Rome, Yellow-Approved.


No one would ever deny the fact that we are now in an Instagram era. From the selfie to the breakfast picture, whose feed will be the prettiest? 

When in Rome, there is nothing easier than snapping up amazing shots of the city, the monuments, and the generous dishes you are served at the terrace of many local restaurants. Here is a Yellow-approved guide for all those who want to discover the hidden gems of the eternal city and make all their friends wish they were around!

1) Pinocchio statue – Bartolucci Italy

If the tale of the Italian wooden puppet has sweetened your childhood, why let your feet bring you to the human-size Pinocchio representation of the Bartolucci shop? 

You will have so much fun taking pictures sitting on the bench with him, playing with his flexible arms (pay attention not to break him!), touching his long nose, or simply enjoying the typical Italian background: a paved street, an ochre wall, and the ornate wooden storefront.

2) Statues and fountains of Italian houses’ backyards

You will need to be a little bit more adventurous and keep your eyes wide open for this one. Just like a treasure hunt, look for all the open doors of Italian houses in order to discover what is hidden in their backyard. 

It may be a simple fountain surmounted by climbing ivy, or a magnificent statue of Venus or any Greek or Roman figure, coated with the well-known Italian flowers, releasing an unforgettable spring fragrance. You won’t be able to capture the scent of these, but you will be given the chance to seize the essence of a real Italian treasure.

3) Terrazza Les Etoiles

While most tourists are attracted by Terrazza del Pincio to enjoy the view of Rome, stand out by climbing the steps of the Atlante Hotel up to the restaurant ‘Les Etoiles’. 

Order a caffè or an orange juice and relish the 360 degrees view of the Vatican and the most famous monuments of Rome. Do not leave without taking a picture of yourself, glass in the hand, hair blowing in the wind, sparkles in the eyes

4) Pontile di Ostia

If you don’t have the chance to live near the beach on a daily basis, you might want to spend a day on the warm sand of Ostia. Besides the calm atmosphere and fresh marine air, you will be able to get your best Instagram influencer pictures. Sitting on the low wall of the pontile, facing the horizon, striking the pose in front of the typical Italian littoral… Numerous are the possibilities for you to pimp your Instagram feed!

5) Palazzetto Zuccari –The Monster Door

If by chance you find yourself near Piazza di Spagna, take a detour to admire the beauty of the monster-shaped door. So easy to fit within all the pictures of your IG account, yet so unusual, this artwork is a real masterpiece, a must-see in Rome, and a souvenir that you will love to talk about!

We won’t say it enough: Rome is a museum in itself! Each step you make can take you to wonders you would never have imagined. Write down these 5 ideas on a sticker note and adventure yourself to some of the most beautiful and instagrammable places in the world: the Trastevere and Coppedè neighborhoods, the numerous statues of Villa Borghese, the marvelous fountains of the botanical gardens, and of course, the Trevi fountain, the Colosseum, and the Pantheon!




The 4 best ice cream shops in Rome


The first question when choosing ice cream in Italy: Cone or cup?

Actually, before coming to Rome (Italy), I never really worried much about finding the best “gelateria” / ice cream shop; for me, the neighborhood one near my house was good enough.

The important thing was to have the flavor “Pistachio.”

Upon arriving in Rome, my friends taught me that a gelateria in Rome is not just an ice cream shop. A gelateria should be homemade, artisanal, with fresh flavors and high quality every day, with options for the lactose intolerant like soy or rice-based gelato. And these points are what make some of them the best ice cream shops in Rome.

1. Famous and classic: Gelateria Giolitti

For Rafa, the best gelateria is also Mrs. Obama’s favorite gelateria! Yes, where Michelle Obama went with her daughters in Rome: the gelateria Giolitti.

The Giolitti ice cream shop is very famous in Rome, as it was created in 1900 and is part of the city’s history. It offers numerous classic and traditional ice cream flavors, and in the summer, it drives people crazy, forming long lines waiting for a classic Roman ice cream.


Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma RM

2. For vegans and the lactose intolerant, but good ice cream eaters: Gelateria La Romana

On the other hand, Liane, an expert in gelaterias, really likes the famous Gelateria La Romana. The gelateria has several franchises around Rome, making it easy to find. But what makes it one of the top 5 gelaterias in Rome? It was her favorite for two reasons: the cones have the option to be filled with chocolate sauce! And the second reason is that La Romana has soy or rice-based gelatos / ice creams, meaning delicious ice creams for the lactose intolerant too!


Addresses: Via Ostiense, 48, 00199 Roma RM / Via Venti Settembre, 60, 00184 Roma RM

3. Eccentric and traditional: Gelateria del Teatro

Louise likes eccentric gelato / ice cream flavors but follows the traditional recipe of homemade and respectful ice cream. Gelateria del Teatro, located not far from Castel Sant’Angelo, right in the heart of the most touristy area of Rome, is one of the few gems among the mediocre gelaterias in the city center. Everything is made in front of the customers. Homemade and traditional ice cream with a touch of eccentricity. Delicious flavors like pumpkin and lavender lemon, alongside traditional classics like chocolate and amaretto, create bursts of divergent tastes.


Address: Via dei Coronari, 65/66, 00186 Roma RM

4. The oldest ice cream shop in the world is my favorite: Gelateria Fassi

Lukinhas, following my beginner profile, discovered the best gelateria near where we used to work together! The oldest gelateria Fassi, since 1880, is my favorite because it’s not too sweet and is the freshest of all. The line is not just for tourists but even Italians who gather outside the shop to enjoy the ice cream. Don’t worry, the line moves quickly, and there’s plenty of space inside to sit and enjoy the ice cream. Inside the ice cream shop, you can see all the history, old ice cream machines, and old advertisements… it’s really emotional.


Address: Via Principe Eugenio, 65-67, 00185 Roma RM

And moreover, despite being so appetizing, the price is great and doesn’t vary much from this: Small cone – 2 to 3 euros


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