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Eat & Party

Work, eat, celebrate and… repeat. If you are worried about the time of the costume fitting, don't worry… we focus on inner beauty!

Welcome to Salone14

2691ft² of partying, music, events, fitness and art. In the very heart of Milan.

Let's go!

The Baretto

Start your stay with a coffee (or a beer!). Then it meets a “Ciocolata”. For lunch (our homemade bowl full of local ingredients) and a beer to kickstart the aperitivo. Are you looking for a joint to work at? You’re welcome to join!

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The Piazzetta

A spot where anything can happen: live music, arts, blended with an international atmosphere.

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The Chapel

A picturesque desacralized chapel, and a stunning hidden spot in the heart of the Square

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Common Kitchen

An out-of-the-ordinary space where you can meet new people, read a book, but also have dinner with your new friends.

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Common Areas

Common places, but not common in soul.

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Yellowsquare Milan - Rome
Via Palestro, 51
00185 Rome
+39 064463554
Yellowsquare Milan - Milan
Via S. Lattuada, 14
20135 Milan
+39 0282396603
Yellowsquare Milan - Florence
Viale F. Redi, 19
50144 Florence
+39 0550317718
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