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Are you traveling with a group of more than 20 people? Tell us where you want to go and what your needs are: our team will answer you as soon as possible with an offer made especially for you.

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    Less than 20 people? Use traditional booking.

    Why book at YellowSquare?

    Because we like to make our guests feel good by taking care of everything down to the smallest detail. Here are the main advantages of our offer.

    Customizable welcome events
    Free luggage storage
    24 hours reception
    Dedicated express check-in
    Custom room assignment
    bed sheets
    Bed linen
    Discounts on tours & activities
    priority bar
    Priority access to the bar
    discount bar
    Discounts on drinks
    discount food
    Discounts on custom-made breakfast

    Discover our destinations

    Yellowsquare - Rome
    Via Palestro, 51
    00185 Rome
    +39 064463554
    Yellowsquare - Milan
    Via S. Lattuada, 14
    20135 Milan
    +39 0282396603
    Yellowsquare - Florence
    Viale F. Redi, 19
    50144 Florence
    +39 0550317718
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    WhatsApp number Italia +39 06 49382682