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Being alone in Rome

26 August 2022

In Rome sitting next to a tree at a park in the Trastevere neighbourhood; its charming, narrow streets took me and my camera from one beautiful exterior to another.

As I wandered, I started reflecting on my first time traveling solo and first time in Italy: I have daydreamed more than I dreamed in my sleep.

This is for the ones who I’ve met the last weeks, who will fellow footsteps in this journey and for the Yellow family.

While boarding the plane to Italy I felt an excitement rise in me. I was about to realize a dream, to make adventures for a lifetime!

As soon as I landed at the Naples airport I realized: I’ll have to fend for myself in this jungle. No, I was not afraid, I took advantage of every moment. The question that teased me the most, before the departure, was: Am I really going to be alone? Strangely, this first solo trip also has the first trip during which I met a lot of people: travellers of all ages, all styles, all origins. Some of the travellers have become friends and it was not the kind of friendship you forget but the kind of friendship you carry with you. I have rarely been alone, even when I was desperate to sit quietly and read a book. ”I really did my best” the introvert me would say. The extrovert me was happy to say that I’ve dined with the sweetest people and left the table with a stomach ache from laughing. The adventures that I made are actually not going to be spoiled. Some memories are so precious that you should keep them a secret also are some of them a little explicit and so my family will not have to see this. Also sometimes it’s hard to describe what it feels like jumping in the Mediterranean sea at 01:00 with people you just met the same day. While walking on volcanic black sand looking at the city of Naples and the moon that are giving their light to the salt water. To end the evening with dancing the salsa till the lights die out. But I am going to give you the feeling what it was like traveling solo in Italy.

When arriving to Rome I got a feeling that I accomplished something. What it was I still don’t know. Maybe it was a sign that a new chapter in my life had begun. Or was it a reassurance that I was safe. When arriving in my room at 19:00 I took a quick nap, because I had promised I would photograph the Glitter Kiss at the Yellow Bar just across the street. So when it was 21:30 and after a quick nap and a shower I was preparing to go the party, for me that is just putting some perfume on, I walked in the bar. I saw a beautiful yellow neon sign that said: “They call us dreamers, but we are the ones who never sleep”. And that motto became the sentiment of the night. People think it’s cool if you’re the party photographer of the night, but the beautiful aspect of being a photographer is that you have a different view than the crowd. What I saw was a global village where people were in a kind on euphoria that was unmatched. This was just my first night at the Yellow. And from that moment on the Yellow became my home and the rest is history.

Für Clara and Serena

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