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Breaking Taboos and Supporting Women: YellowSquare’s Complimentary Tampon Initiative
At YellowSquare, we’re committed to not only providing a comfortable and inclusive environment for all our guests but also addressing important, often overlooked needs. Understanding the challenges that menstruation can bring, especially when traveling, we’ve introduced a thoughtful new service: offering complimentary tampons to our female guests.

Addressing a Basic Need
For many women, getting access to menstrual products can be a challenge while traveling, leading to unnecessary stress or discomfort. To address this, YellowSquare has begun providing free tampons at our hostels. This initiative ensures that all our female guests have access to essential menstrual products, free of charge, whenever they need them during their stay.

Breaking Menstrual Taboos
Menstruation is a natural part of life, yet it’s often surrounded by stigma and taboo, even in modern societies. By openly providing menstrual products, we aim to normalize conversations about menstruation and challenge the outdated notions that create discomfort around this natural biological process.

Simple Service, Significant Impact
This simple act of providing tampons is more than just a convenience; it’s about respecting and acknowledging the needs of our guests. It’s a step towards making everyone feel valued and supported, ensuring that no one has to compromise their comfort or travel plans.

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