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Florence, Milan, Rome

No means No Campaign: Reflecting on Women’s Rights Through Art at YellowSquare


At YellowSquare, we’re using art to spark conversation about an important issue: women’s right to enjoy public spaces without harassment. Our latest project involves reimagining famous artworks, like Botticelli’s Venus and Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits, to deliver a critical message in a new light: “No means no.”

Why Art?
Art connects. It challenges and provokes. By revisiting these iconic images, we’re not just observing beauty; we’re seeing a familiar face in a new context that emphasizes women’s autonomy and rights. Venus and Frida aren’t just subjects; they’re symbols of the enduring struggle for respect and safety that women face daily.

The Message: No Means No
This isn’t just a slogan; it’s a basic human right. Our reinterpretation of these artworks serves as a visual reminder that consent and boundaries deserve universal respect. We hope these images make viewers pause and consider the importance of these principles in all interactions.

Engaging the Community
We’re facilitating discussions around these artworks to provide a space for reflection and dialogue. It’s not just about viewing art; it’s about understanding and changing perspectives. These conversations are essential for fostering a community that values and upholds women’s rights.

Your Role
This initiative is a call to engage with art in a way that promotes social change. We encourage you to visit, reflect, and discuss. It’s through these actions that we can hope to influence not just individual behaviors but broader societal norms.

Join us at YellowSquare, where art is more than decoration—it’s a dialogue. For details on how you can participate, visit our website at YellowSquare.

Together, let’s use art to advocate for a safer, more respectful world.

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