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Florence, Milan, Rome

Swap Till You Drop: YellowSquare’s Eco-Friendly Swap Parties in Rome, Milan and Florence

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At YellowSquare, we’re not just about offering a comfortable stay; we’re about creating vibrant, community-driven experiences that also give back to the planet. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest series of events: Swap Parties held in our Rome, Milan, and Florence locations. These gatherings are not only a fun way to spend an afternoon but also a great step towards more sustainable living.

The Joy and Benefit of Swap Parties
Swap parties are a fantastic way to reduce waste and support sustainability. At these events, guests and locals bring items they no longer need—from clothes to books and beyond—and swap them with others. It’s all about giving items a second life, preventing waste, and minimizing the need for new products.

How It Works
Each Swap Party at YellowSquare is a bustling market of second-hand treasures where participants can bring their gently used goods and take home something new-to-them. The concept is simple: «one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.» No money changes hands, just goods, ensuring that everyone leaves with something they love without impacting the environment.

Join Us!
Whether you’re a seasoned swapper or new to the idea of second-hand markets, YellowSquare’s Swap Parties offer something for everyone. They’re a place to meet new friends, exchange stories, and share in the collective joy of discovering that perfect item. More importantly, they are a step towards living more sustainably and responsibly.

For more information on the Swap Party schedule and how you can participate, visit our website and our Instagram
Salone14 – Milan
The YellowBar – Roma
Bargiù – Florence

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