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“One of the most valuable assets in your business is your WordPress site. Look after it!”

What would happen if your website disappeared? How about if it is blacklisted from Google?

If this happened to your site, how would this affect your business?

Protecting your website...

Looking after your WordPress site means protecting it from unwanted attention.

Sadly, the threat of users who seek to exploit weaknesess and subsequently damage WordPress installations are all too real. Just look at this from the BBC website:

"Wordpress blogs defaced in hack attacks" (February 2017)

Protecting your business against such attempts is important. Being able to recover from these events is also important.

Keeping your plugins updated is one of the best ways of keeping your site secure. Not updating your plugins can have a catastrophic impact -- the "Panama Papers" leak of March 2016 was caused by a vulnerable WordPress plugin.

But doing this yourself is time consuming...

Why should you be wasting your valuable time on such matters when you have more important business to attend to – business that will make you money.

This is where the WordPress Peace of Mind Service can help.

You get all of this:

And a 60 day money back guarantee...

Example page from monthly reportexample page from monthly website report

All of which keep your WordPress installation up to date, and mean that if the worse does happen, recovery can be quick and painless.

The WordPress Peace of Mind Service lets you concentrate on doing interesting things with your site, without worrying about losing it...

Having such a system automatically look after your site is good enough, but for today only it is even better with 20% off the usual price – that’s a saving of £600 over the year.

You pay just £249 per month!

Don’t put off today, what could be a catastrophic for your business tomorrow.

Regular price £299 Today £249 per month

Start the Peace of Mind programme now – it takes seconds to sign up.


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Glen Scott MSc

Managing Director, Yellow Square Development Ltd

P.S. I truly believe this service will be of benefit to your business. That’s why I offer a 60 day money back guarantee, if you are not at all happy with the service.