WooCommerce Product to Sendy List

Subscribe customers to different mailing lists based on what they have bought from your store.

Adding customers to a product-specific list is critical for segmentation in e-mail marketing.

Using this WooCommerce plugin, you can automatically subscribe users to mailing lists based on the products they buy.

Admin screen showing how to assign a Product with a Mailing List

As an example; let’s say you run an online clothing store. Rather than subscribing customers to your general mailing list, imagine being able to subscribe customers that buy T-Shirts to your T-Shirt Mailing List. And customers that buy Baseball Caps to your Baseball Cap Mailing List. Having customers on specific mailing lists like this allows you to send out more targeted and relevant information to your existing customers.

“The plugin works like a charm”


The plugin seamlessly integrates with the Sendy e-mail marketing system.

Three example mailing list containing customers segmented by purchase

It’s incredibly simple to configure, which means you can get started in minutes.

Just add your Sendy API URL in the settings, and add one or more mailing lists.

When adding or editing product information you can choose one of your mailing lists from a list. When a customer orders that product, they will be automatically subscribed to the mailing list you have chosen.

You can also choose to unsubscribe users from a list of your choice after they have made a purchase.

The subscription or unsubscription is triggered when an order status changes to either processing or completed.

If you have problems, the price includes access to the original developer for support.

Personal LicenseAgency License
✅ 1 Site✅ Up to 20 sites
✅ Annual Renewal✅ Annual Renewal
✅ Email Support
& Updates
✅ Priority Support
& Updates
✅ 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee
✅ 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee

Note:  Price is in GBP and is billed annually. If you cancel, you can keep using the plugin but won’t receive any further updates, new features or support.