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Secrets in the streets of Rome

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Rare are those who disagree on the fact that Rome hosts some of the most beautiful museums. From the almost alive statues of Gallery Borghese to the Egyptian room of the Vatican museums, the artworks will undeniably blow your mind away. 

However, we have to admit that the city itself is housing a particular aesthetic that you can only reach by walking in the streets of Rome, with your eyes wide open. Rome definitely is a museum by essence, unveiling new gems each and every day. 

Whether it is street art or simply places that showcase the most unusual beauty, we have gathered for you some of the wonders you might come across in the streets of the Eternal city. 

  1. Church San Paolo Dentro le Mura 

Literally “St Paul within the walls”, this gothic church sits in the middle of Via Nationale. Walk by this amazing building and let yourself be amazed by the alternating pure white and saturated brick red. Its special appearance gives this church all the singularity that we love when wandering in the streets of Rome. 

  1. Via della Conciliazione 

Considered as one of the main arteries of the city, this street is a must if you are looking for street art around the Vatican. The artworks are everywhere, defending all types of opinions, through all kinds of styles. Paintings, stickers, or sentences – we guarantee this is one of the best spots to enjoy a different type of art in a city full of ancient statues and paintings. 

  1. Via Dei Pastini 

For lunch or dinner, day or night, you can enjoy the beauty of this street. Not so far from the Fontana di Trevi and the Pantheon, you can walk through this street and come across the many displays of fresh pasta, artichokes, and other Italian specialties at the entrance of the restaurants. Do not miss an occasion to eat in one of these, under the sparkling lights of the terraces!  

  1. Quatro Fontane 

At the intersection of Via Delle Quatro Fontane and Via del Quirinale, you will find four built-in fountains. Nothing special so far, as Rome offers a plethora of amazing fountains. However, we advise you to take a closer look at these fountains, since each one is different from the others. Two of these fountains are the embodiment of two rivers, the River Tiber and the River Aniene while the two other fountains are the Goddesses Diana and Juno, representing chastity and strength. The details of each one of the Quatro Fontane will make your eyes sparkle!

  1. Clet Abraham’s Unusual Traffic Signs

Walking in the streets of Rome, you will probably notice that some traffic signs are somewhat… diverted. Well, Clet Abraham is the creator of the funny stickmen stealing the show from the stop signs. Small arrows spiking hearts, tiny policemen, Andy-Warhol type bananas… Witness the ingenuity of his art by looking up to these traffic signs! 

  1. Quartiere Coppedè 

Enter a real fairytale in Quartiere Coppedè, a housing complex built following the Modern Style movement. There, you will have the chance to walk around the Fontana delle Rane – the Frog fountain, to discover the many details of Villini delle Fatte and to walk under the arch of The Palazzi degli Ambasciatori. This neighborhood is a staple of the city of Rome, for its peculiar architecture and all the secrets it seems to be hiding.

Here they are – six of our favorite spots to experience Rome under a completely different aesthetic. But overall, we advise you to tie your shoelaces and to get lost in the Roman labyrinth. This way, you will uncover your own wonders: street art, little sculptures of the Virgin Mary on the corner of random buildings, and outstanding architecture! Get off the beaten paths, and always remember that even famous spots change daily. All that matters is the angle from which you see them… 

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